Top 10 Mysterious places to visit In india

1. Magnetic Hill :- Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Magnet Hill is a “Cyclops hill” situated near Leh in Ladakh, India. The area’s shape and surrounding slopes create a hill’s optical illusion. The approach to the hill is in reality a downhill route. Objects and cars on the hill road can seem to roll up in gravity resistance when, in fact, they roll downhill. It is 7.5 km southeast of Nimmoo and 26.5 km west of Leh on Srinagar-Ladak.The magnetic hill has become a popular stop on car journeys for domestic tourists to test the gravity-defying phenomenon.

2. The Mini Desert :- Talakad , Karnataka.

Talakadu is a desert-like town on the Kaveri River’s left bank 45 km (28 miles) from Mysore and 133 km (82 miles) from Bangalore in Karnataka, India. It once had more than 30 temples, most of which lie buried in sand today. A famous pilgrimage site for Hindus is the remaining community of temples, where the eastward flowing Kaveri river changes course as the sand on its banks spreads over a large area.Talakad is believed to have once been home to some 30 temples, 5 of which are Lingams representing Lord Shiva’s 5 faces.



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